TARGETINGYour advertising piece can be delivered in a radius around your location, within a city boundary, by zip code boundaries, specific carrier routes, along traffic patterns, or you can customize your delivery for what fits your needs the best.

VISIBILITYYour advertising piece is getting a high degree of visibility, since it is not inserted in a wrap, a paper, or another advertising piece. You can customize your delivery to get an even greater amount of visibility, although this is usually a less economical option.

TIMING -You can control the amount of pieces you want distributed each week. If you’re experiencing a lull in phone calls, you can increase your flyer output with a quick call to your Independent Delivery Service representative.

SHELF LIFE - The advertising pieces we deliver tend to have a longer shelf life than direct mail and newspaper inserts. Since your advertising piece is not delivered inside a newspaper or a wrap, it is usually not disposed of as quickly. We have had customers still getting calls several months after a delivery has gone out.

CREATIVITY - If you have a special promotion and you want multiple pieces, refrigerator magnets, plastic bag advertising, post-it notes, or any other idea you might have, we are usually able to perform it for you at a lesser rate than you would pay anywhere else.

DEADLINESOur deadlines for having your advertising at our facility are more flexible than most other alternatives. Since most of the materials we deliver are assembled out on the routes by our carriers, most of the time we only need your piece here one day prior to your scheduled delivery day. Many newspapers and direct mailers require your advertising pieces 5 to 7 days in advance. If you don’t use us for printing, and your printer is late with your delivery, many times we can still get your piece out on time.

WAREHOUSING - We can warehouse your pieces for you so if you have a program of delivery that runs over a period of time, you can order printing in a larger quantity and save money. Also we save you money on transportation costs, since you can get your pieces to us all at once rather than every time you want them delivered. Or better yet, let us print them for you and you won’t have any transportation costs.

ONE-STOP SHOPPING - Because we offer printing and delivery, we can work with you from start to finish. We know you’re busy with your business, so we try to make it as easy as we can for you to get your advertising message out.