Delivery Guaranteed

We use GPS tracking of our carriers to insure that our carriers are delivering their routes for the day. We can actually watch the progress of the carrier to make sure that streets are not being skipped. Our carriers are aware that they are being tracked and are also aware that not delivering their routes properly will be cause for termination.


We use a crew system for our door to door operation, so that there is a supervisor on the street watching the delivery take place. This helps to insure proper placement of your advertising piece as well as the actual delivery of your piece to the areas you have requested.


We also have additional supervisors that make spot checks to insure that all deliveries are being made properly. Even your sales representative will from time to time make spot checks of your delivery to make sure your piece is being delivered.


For an additional charge we will provide specific addresses on the routes where your piece has been visually confirmed by our personnel, as being delivered pro.