Delivery Options

DOOR TO DOOR DELIVERY is made primarily using a routed crew system. The crew has a driver/supervisor in charge of the delivery, along with 6-8 additional delivery personnel walking door to door delivering either to the porch or doorknob. All delivery personnel are visually supervised by the driver, and the driver is GPS tracked by our internal operations department.

CURBSIDE DELIVERY in areas where mail is delivered curbside, we use our fleet of converted right-hand drive mini-vans and our experienced drivers to deliver to delivery tubes or mailbox posts. Our drivers are GPS tracked by our internal operations department and random visual checks are made from time to time to insure quality delivery.

APARTMENT DELIVERIES are usually delivered with a percentage drop in the lobby where the residents receive their mail. If apartment drops are not a benefit to your business, we can exclude them from your requested delivery area. Excluding apartments can cause your price per piece to increase, but the savings on printing usually can make up for the increase in delivery cost.

TOWNHOUSE AND TRAILER PARK DELIVERY areas can be excluded from your requested delivery area, or they can be delivered only as a separate delivery.

ROUTES AND MAPPING. We have routed and mapped most of the Minneapolis/ Saint Paul metro area. Most of our routes conform to zip code boundaries, corporate city boundaries, traffic patterns, and natural geographic boundaries. Mapping and counts are made available to you so you can customize your delivery by route or routes