The rate charged for your promotion is primarily determined by you. The more you customize your delivery, the more it will cost. Because rates are determined by a number of factors, we can’t provide a price of delivery until we have an opportunity to discuss your needs with you. Please fill out our online quote form and someone from our sales team will begin the process of determining your cost.

Rates are generally determined by the following:

TYPE OF PIECE YOU ARE DISTRIBUTING - If the piece is bulky or heavy, it usually costs more to distribute. Single sheet flyers are the least expensive.

AREA YOU WANT DISTRIBUTEDSome areas are more expensive to deliver than others. Delivery method and density have an impact on pricing.

DELIVERY WINDOW - A longer delivery window usually has an impact on your price. If you can give us time so we can fit your delivery in with our schedule, we can sometimes give you a break on pricing.

VOLUME DISCOUNTS - Normally, the bigger your promotion, the less you pay per piece. That’s not always the case though, as sometimes higher quantities can lead to other factors.

FREQUENCY - If your delivery becomes a regularly scheduled delivery, we normally can provide you with better pricing.

TYPE OF HOUSING - Delivery to single family residents can be more expensive than delivery to all residents. Also, if you need business delivery, that can cost more as well.

CURBSIDE DELIVERYThis method of delivery is usually less expensive than door knob or porch delivery. The exception to this is rural delivery which can get very expensive.

DOORKNOB OR PORCH DELIVERY - This is usually the most expensive type of delivery. If the delivery is doorknob in a curbside area, this even gets more expensive.