General Information for Independent Contractors

Pre- delivery:

You are an independent Contractor, and as such, are responsible for your own taxes, insurance, carrier bags, etc. You will also be held responsible for paying damages caused by improper delivery, such as broken windows or clogged snow blowers.

Papers generally will arrive at your house between 11:00am and 3:00pm. Occasionally they may be later and we will let you know as soon as possible if this does happen.

Please provide a tarp to cover papers so they don’t get wet if it rains.

Let us know as soon as possible if you will be on vacation, etc., and can’t do route. If an emergency comes up, we will try to make arrangements if we still have your papers. Once you have the papers, it is up to you to get them delivered.

You should have gotten a map when you first signed up for the route. This map has complaints on it. Check your driver sheet every week for new complaints and add to your map. Driver sheet also lists all pieces you are delivering for the week. Check to see what pieces go where. Some go everywhere, some go to just houses, some just to businesses, so CHECK!

Make sure you have bands and plastic bags. Call ahead so we can bring them out.


You may have additional flyers or tabloids to deliver along with the paper and you will receive
additional compensation for each additional piece. If we have heavy pieces or product samples we
will adjust the rate accordingly.

If it is raining or the forecast is for rain, you have to put papers in plastic bags.

Deliver only one of each piece to each residence / business.

Apartments; Leave papers/flyers inside entryway. If you cannot get in, put some in plastic and leave by main door.

Do Not use mailboxes, mail slots, hooks under mailboxes—this is a Federal offense.

Motor Routes

  • Attach to mail post at least 6” below mailbox.

Walking Routes

  • Delivery needs to be on top step or porch.
  • Do not throw from sidewalk or street. If any damage is done to window, screen, light, etc., you will be paying for it.
  • Leave paper on gate if yard is fenced in. Do not open any gates or doors.
  • You can walk across yard whenever possible, but watch out for “KEEP OFF OF” signs. Avoidnew grass, gardens, flowers, bushes, newly laid driveways, etc. Do not climb fences. NEVER put papers between the screen door and main door!


Send in your invoice when you are done with route. Routes may be checked and verified either by
phone or by visual inspection. Once verified, payments are normally processed on Wednesdays. This
means that if your invoice comes in the mail or you drop it off on Tuesday, it will be processed on
Wednesday. If it doesn’t make it, payment will be delayed a week.

If you have a problem / request from a homeowner, be polite. If you find a problem with a map,
count, or complaint, let Media Distribution know so the problem can be corrected.

Media Distribution
440 W. Minnehaha Ave.
St. Paul, MN 55103
ph. 651-487-1328
Fx. 651-487-1807